Short Story | Petite Subscription Box Review

Hello! I wanted to check in for another Short Story review today. In case you missed my previous reviews, Short Story is a petite clothing subscription box. It’s pretty similar to Stitch Fix, but I would argue that they have better styling and are a bit more understanding of petite sizing.

After not getting anything from my very bohemian second box, I canceled my subscription. In mid-September, a sales rep contacted me to ask if I’d like to try another box without the styling fee. I was impressed that they followed up, and gave them a few parameters for the next box. I asked for warm weather clothes in a dark palette. I also told them that I like a darker and edgier look.

If you’re considering trying Short Story, you should know that their styling and shipping process take a little bit longer than Stitch Fix. This doesn’t bother me at all, but I know some people might not like it. The sales rep had mentioned that my box would be for the end of September, and it didn’t arrive until October 14th.

I’m going to completely honest with you: they did a fairly okay job with the styling, but the sizing was horrendous. They mostly listened to what I said about warm weather/dark palette. Some of the items felt too conservative and business-y. Everything was too big, which was frustrating for a petite subscription box.

I’m 5’1″ for reference!

Madewell Carmen Soft Knit Turtleneck ($48.65) — I asked for warm weather clothes, so I’m not sure why I got a turtleneck. This is something that I’d wear, but I don’t currently have a need for winter clothing. Even if I wanted to keep it, I would’ve had to try for an exchange because this top was way too large on me. It bunched up and the sleeves were too long. Returned.

NY Collection Dot-Print Pleated Skirt ($48.58) — I love skirts, and I love polka dots. Unfortunately, this skirt was too long. It looked too frumpy and conservative when I tried it on. When I was checking out, they had a photo of it on a model and the hem fell right at her knee. It looked good on her, but it hit way lower on my legs. Classic short person problem. Petition to show clothing on models who aren’t six feet tall! Returned.

One of these things is not like the other.

Short Story Petite Penelope Surplice Modal Bodysuit ($42.67) (similar linked) — I’m obsessed with body suits recently, but this one didn’t sit right. It wasn’t comfortable because the sleeves were bunchy and the V-neck was too low (I would’ve fidgeted with it all day if I wore it to work. I hate having to constantly pull up V-neck shirts). It also was pretty clingy in the back, which I didn’t like. Returned.

Margaret M Petite Textured Shimmer A-Line Skirt ($69) (similar linked) — I wasn’t expecting to like this skirt, but I did! I really liked the shape, but unfortunately I wasn’t a fan of the pattern. It was sort of like a printed texture with a shimmer throughout. I have nowhere to wear this, as my office is extremely casual. The waist also gaped, even though it fit perfectly fine elsewhere. Another classic short person problem. Returned.

Sanctuary Short Sleeve Knot Front Tee ($49) — This was fine for loungewear, but I’m pretty stocked up in that department and don’t need anything else. I also don’t like shirts that are pre-tied. I hope that trend goes away soon! It was also really difficult to get the lighting/coloring right in these photos for some reason. Returned.

Thanks for reading!

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