Anthropologie Self Care Haul

Hello! Today I wanted to share some self care items that I got from Anthropologie’s huge sale a few weeks ago.

Just a friendly reminder that I make exactly $0 from this blog, so I’m just sharing this because I want to 🙂

Halfmoon Crystal Collection Silk Eye Pillow in Jade: I’ve been waking up recently with my eyes burning. I don’t even know if burning is the right word — it’s more like they are painful and so tired that it feels like a herculean effort to keep them open for the first hour of the day. Not fun! I used to be the sort of obnoxious person who hopped out of bed at 6am all peppy-like, so this is really weird for me. I bought this pillow to try to combat the pain. It’s a lovely little silk pillow (a pillow-ette, if you will) filled with lavender and crystals that you can use before sleep, or during savasana in yoga. It smells lovely and definitely has a nice aromatherapy effect. I go all out and just fall asleep with the thing on my face all night. The first night I used it, I woke up…actually feeling like my eyes were normal again. It’s witchcraft. I’ve been using it since, and it usually reduces the burning sensation by 75-100% each morning. Love this thing. I like the cooling effect of the silk, but you can warm it up in the microwave. I haven’t tried that yet. They also have a ton of colors!

Happy Spritz Be Happy Mini Box Set: This was the most splurge-like item in my little haul. I’m really obsessed with sprays lately, and I’ve been wanting to get into aromatherapy (it seems like something I’d enjoy). This box set was supposed to come with five scents: Sweet Dreams Darling, Good Morning Beautiful, Breathe Deeply, Run Sweat Recover, and Woodsy Lumberjack. I actually received two incorrect scents: Good Karma and Namaste Ninja in the place of the running and lumberjack scents. So far, this box set is amazing, though! My absolute favorite is the Good Morning Beautiful spray. I spritz it on my face and shoulders every morning when I wake up (sans fire eyes). It has the most amazing orange scent ever! The other ones are great. I continually alternate between Good Karma and Breathe Deeply to stay calm throughout my work day. I used the Namaste Ninja once before my yoga workout, and it really set the mood. And the sleep scent is very strong and a perfect pillow spray. I contacted customer service about getting the two missing scents, but it was one of those robot-like chat bots, so we’ll see what happens with that.

Butter London Pure-Cure Peel Off Nail Lacquer in Cheeky: I’ve been looking for the nail polish of the future. The idea of peeling off a gel polish seemed really exciting and convenient, but when this arrived they have instructions that you MUST have Butter’s full set in order for the polish to properly function. That includes specific wipes and a UV light. I’ve been meaning to get a set like that, so I just pinned it to my wishlist for later when we have more space. In the meantime, this will sit in my polish jar. I feel like Anthro could’ve put a little note in their product description for people like me who know nothing about gel. That two-star review with the little warning for others — that was me, not sorry.

Arcadia Ring Set in Multi: I’ve been getting into rings lately. I know this doesn’t really qualify as self care, but this set made me so happy. I love pops of color so I’m excited to wear these with my dark fall outfits. Something to note is that these are one size only and they run pretty large! They’re definitely going to be pointer finger rings for me, which is fine because I like wearing rings on all fingers.

P.volve 3lbs. Ankle Weights: I’m currently doing Tone It Up’s fall challenge, and they just added a bunch of workouts with ankle weights for the first time. I thought about buying the TIU pair, or another pair on Amazon, but I wanted a prettier color. I found these, and they were on such a good sale that I couldn’t resist. This is TMI but my legs are basically complete steel from playing field hockey for so long — most leg workouts are too easy for me and I need something to up the ante!

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray: I have a lot of problems with staying asleep through the night. It’s not uncommon for me to wake up at 3am and not fall back asleep until 20 minutes before my alarm goes off. I actually have the This Works Deep Sleep lotion through Fab Fit Fun, and the scent is so beautiful and lovely. I would say I noticed a marked difference in my sleep patterns when I used it, so I wanted to try their pillow spray as well. I know the spritz set above also came with a sleep spray, but that one is much heavier. This one has a lighter lavender scent. So they’re different enough to justify having both and even if they weren’t…I need all the help I can get in the sleep department. My boyfriend also really likes this spray!

Thanks for reading! I hope this post gives you some ideas for self care products, or potential gifts for the holidays.

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