Weekly Roundup

This was a LONG week. I feel like it stretched on for an entire month. Everyone was on edge for obvious reasons, and it was strange to walk home at night and see storefronts being boarded up along Madison Avenue. People at work were also distracted, but it was a productive week overall and my boyfriend and I spent our nights eating comfort food and watching Schitt’s Creek and The Queen’s Gambit (both of which I highly recommend).

A few highlights from the workweek also include taking breaks to enjoy the fall weather, making baked apple cider doughnuts, and receiving a package from a company I can’t wait to write about next weekend!

On Saturday, I sat down at 11am and started to hear people cheering from the streets and balconies, and every single car and truck started honking. I immediately checked the election results and was so relieved to see that Trump is OUT. People were jumping for joy and dancing in the streets for a solid hour and a half, and people were honking out songs in their cars. It honestly gave me a bit of a headache! But I will remember it forever because it felt like Voldemort had just died LMAO.

This weekend I’m spending my time going on runs, working out, doing errands, taking walks, cooking, watching TV, and playing Sims.


11 Ideas for Sending a Bit of Holiday Cheer to Faraway Loved Ones.

Very important: How to Set Healthy Boundaries and Protect Your Space and Energy.

16 Ways to Style a Plain White Button Down. Always a fan of closet workhorses.

These immersive collages by artist Clare Celeste Börsch are amazing!

Which Journaling Method is Best for You, Based on Your Personality. I really want to start an art journal.

The Ultimate 2020 Gift Guide for Artists and Designers.

Bookshop.com is a new-ish online bookstore/Amazon competitor that allows you to support your local literary community.

7 Terrifying Tales from the World’s Most Haunted Museums. Halloween may be over, but I still want to hear all of the ghost stories.

5 Ways to Stop Overthinking. Maybe even when overthinking is your permanent state.

Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup

  1. I need to watch the Queen’s gambit. I have it in my q. UGH i need to start working out again. Ever since my treadmill was destroyed with my house I haven’t really had anything. I did purchase a yoga mat and could be doing my pilates dvd. I been eating like crazy and the pounds are starting to show!

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    1. Yes! It’s so good and the fashion is great, especially toward the end! I think you’d like it. Working out has been so weird in quarantine. I really need to get back into running shape again. I’ve only been running twice since March and I lost the ability haha

      Liked by 1 person

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