Stitch Fix Review | November 2020

Hello! Checking in for another Stitch Fix review today. Honestly, I was pretty underwhelmed with this box and wasn’t even excited to try these items. Not keeping anything this time around but I have another box on it’s way in early December!

Cupio Blush Branley One Pocket Knit Top ($30) — This was a great basic t-shirt with a light knitted fabric and a good cut. I liked that you could wear it tucked into jeans or out over leggings, and it looked really nice with my new Boyish jeans. On the other hand, the fabric seemed slightly pilled and I could tell that would progress after one ride through the washing machine. I think this is something I could find at Marshall’s for $7.99 or something. Returned!

Liverpool Laurel Fray Detail Top ($79) — I just purchased a red button down through The Lobby, so I didn’t really need this. This top is much longer and distressed than the one I purchased. The fabric has a worn look and the sleeves and bottom hem are frayed. I just wasn’t in love with it and didn’t need it. Returned.

Lucky Brand Canyen Loafer Flat ($89) — I told my stylist that I was looking for leopard loafers (my old pair from J. Crew kicked the bucket). These were SO comfortable — A+ for comfort. But I didn’t like the way they looked. The fabric was oddly distressed. And the toe was too square for me. These are for sale on Belk for $66.75 right now. Returned.

Margaret M Sherlyn Skirt in Burnt Orange ($68) — This was actually something I had in my saved items on Stitch Fix through their new shopping feature. I thought this would look super cute with a black turtleneck and boots. I think my stylist noticed that I save a ton of things but never buy them, and she’s sent a couple of them these past few fixes. Anyway, this skirt fit like a XL kilt and made me laugh. It’s a size small for reference. So bad! Returned.

Papermoon Keelie Button Down Blouse ($44) — This is an interesting plaid blouse. I liked the little flounce sleeves, but overall I think it was too boxy on me. I also realized I’m not a fan of plaid unless it’s printed on a heartier fabric, and this was very flow-y. It felt contradictory. Returned.

Thanks for reading!

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