Weekly Roundup

Hello! Not much to share this week since we spent all of our time inside. We’ve reached the inevitable second wave of the pandemic and it’s starting to feel like March and April again. I hope you’re all staying safe!

My boyfriend and I will be celebrating Thanksgiving by ourselves at home. We’ll catch the parade on TV, video chat with family, and make an easy Thanksgiving meal of turkey, stuffing, roasted veggies, cranberry sauce, and apple pie from a local bakery. We’re going to take some shortcuts because there’s no way in hell our tiny kitchen can handle a full Thanksgiving meal.

Speaking of food, the only photo I took this week was of our pizza! This is actually a frozen cauliflower crust pizza and I really recommend it! The brand is called Caulipower. It’s not as filling as a regular pizza for obvious reasons, but it exceeded my expectations in terms of taste.

Today I’m meal prepping, cleaning, and then relaxing. It’s a cloudy, lazy Sunday.


This Salem, MA house from the 1700s is a dream come true.

Why am I so obsessed with reading articles about Trader Joe’s?

These are all in the UK, and I didn’t check out all of their shipping policies, but: 27 Independent Jewelry Designers to Follow.

Where the Witches Hid: Four Legendary Witch Locations in Massachusetts from our sweet Peter.

8 NYC Residents Describe the Worst Apartments They’ve Ever Rented. This had me cackling. We’ve only had to deal with a party-crazy neighbor and an army of mice. Like an ARMY of mice.

I enjoyed this budget-friendly holiday gift guide.

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup

  1. Caulipower pizza is surprisingly tasty – I’ve had it and really liked it, even though nothing compares to actual regular pizza. I’m glad to hear that you’re staying home and staying safe for Thanksgiving. I’ll be doing the same. Hope you have a happy holiday!

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