WEEKLY ROUNDUP + Black Friday Shopping

Edit: This is my 200th post on this blog! Yay!

Hello! I can’t believe we’re already at the end of Thanksgiving break. I hope you all had a lovely & safe holiday!

We stayed home for Thanksgiving this year. We mostly relaxed, and we cooked up as big a dinner as possible on our one-cabinet worth of counter space. We had mashed potatoes, stuffing, turkey sandwiches, canned cranberry sauce (weirdly my favorite part of the meal, always), roasted brussel sprouts, and apple pie.

I didn’t mention this, but two weeks ago my boyfriend and I got a nasty cold. So Thanksgiving was the tail end of our self-quarantine period. Getting a COVID test would’ve been a nightmare (long lines, six-hour waits, standing in the cold potentially getting more people sick, etc.) so we did the right thing and rode out the suggested quarantine period. Maybe when it’s easier, I’ll see about an antibody test. But since we were stuck home, we facetimed family, finished Schitt’s Creek, watched We are the Champions with Rainn Wilson (I highly recommend, but don’t watch the chili eating episode if you’re sensitive to people getting sick. I curled up on the floor and almost had a panic attack, good times), and we watched a ton of Harry Potter. We also started re-reading Harry Potter together, because we are nerds, and I devoured more of a book my best friend got for me: The Gilded Years by Karin Tanabe.

I really don’t mind being stuck at home at all. I was re-reading some old posts this week, though, and was marveling at all the times we just nonchalantly ate at restaurants, visited family, went to stores and bakeries and museums…I’ll try not to think about that too much. Tomorrow I go back to the gallery for the first time in two weeks and it’s going to be strange.

I also did a ton of Black Friday shopping. I started the day thinking, “I’m only going to use the sales to buy gifts for friends and family” but by the end of the day I’d also bought a small mountain of gifts for myself. Whoops.

  1. J. Crew Collection Sequin Tulle Camisole: Do I need a sequin camisole? No! Do I want a sequin camisole? Yes! I wear camisoles under duster cardigans all the time, though, so I figured it would be nice to have a fancy one for parties and whatnot when those are a thing again.
  2. J. Crew Nightshirt in End-On-End Cotton: I’ve been looking for some classic blue pajamas, but I get too hot for pajama pants so this seemed like a nice alternative. Plus, it will look good with our white bedding, v. crisp.
  3. J. Crew Round Blue-Light Glasses: I get so much use out of my light tortoiseshell blue-light blockers, so I wanted a darker color. I love tortoiseshell so much.
  4. & Other Stories Eye Color Cream in Opal: I don’t know why, but light eye shadow colors like white and peach make my eyes pop the most. I’m excited to try eye shadow cream for the first time.
  5. J. Crew Polka Dot Opaque Tights: I made a wardrobe mood board a while back, and I realized later that so many of the outfits I’d pinned had polka dot tights in them. So I’ve been on the lookout for a pair, and this was my chance. These are super opaque, which I like. There’s something about a sweater, a black skirt, polka dot tights, and boots that I love so much.
  6. J. Crew Cecile Smoking Slippers in Leather: I wear loafers all the time and my current pair is starting to fall apart. I think this oxblood color will look so nice with jeans and button downs — another one of my go-to outfit formulas.
  7. Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers: I’ve been looking for a pair of white fashion sneakers for ages. I wanted something that went with everything and were still comfortable. These seemed to check the boxes. Excited to finally own a pair. I hope they fit well.
  8. J. Crew Gemma Ballet Flats in Leather: J. Crew brought this design back from their archives, so it must be good. I do miss my college-era J. Crew. Can’t go wrong with a pair of pointy-toe ballet flats. I’m planning to wear these with a black skirt, tights, and my white ruff shirt and black bow for that good ol’ dead Victorian ghost look but with a French twist.
  9. & Other Stories Braid Buckle Croco Leather Belt: I was on the lookout for a black belt to wear around flow-y dresses. I really like the croc pattern and belt braid. Gives this a nice vintage feel, I think.
  10. The Late Hector Kipling by David Thewlis: This wasn’t technically a Black Friday sale but, in my renewed Harry Potter obsession, I went down an internet rabbit hole of memes and articles, and found out that the actor who played Remus Lupin ❤ wrote a book…about the art world. Art + existential crises + David Thewlis? Are you kidding me? Too perfect. I bought a signed copy 🙂


I don’t have that many links this week, but here they are:

Researchers Find DNA, Bacteria on Leonardo da Vinci’s Drawings. My boyfriend and I had a long discussion about this. Art and science is a fantastic combination.


Speaking of Scotland, this house and 15th century castle combo in Fife is for sale. If only.

There is an art historical Easter egg in the Queen’s Gambit that I completely missed. Reading about this made me tear up a little.

That’s all for this week! I have another haul from the Lobby to post soon, looking forward to trying on the items. Thanks for reading!

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