Weekly Roundup

This week was pretty rainy, so I wanted to share one of my old favorite snapshots of rainy Gotham New York. I didn’t get out much this week what with the usual pandemic nonsense and work, but I do want to take the camera out more. Maybe next weekend if the weather is nice.

The work week flew by and the weekend was here faster than I could’ve ever wanted. On Friday night, I baked healthy pumpkin spice doughnuts. I wanted to make these for Halloween but, much like the Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020, there was no pumpkin puree on the shelves throughout October and November. I finally got my hand on a can this month. Later, we ate and binge-watched season 28 of Survivor. GO KASS AND SPENCER!

Saturday was a busy day because I had accidentally scheduled our monthly cleaning, bi-weekly cleaning, and two clean-out projects for the same day. We flew through that all morning and then cleaned out both closets. I’m trying to be a more disciplined human being when it comes to non-work tasks. Because I’m usually so exhausted when the weekend rolls around that all I want to do is watch TV for two days straight. But that’s not healthy, so everything in moderation. Once we were done with all of our tasks, we ordered in from a pub (fish and chips!) and put up some very low key holiday decorations (a string of lights and star ornaments). And we ended the day with more Survivor, of course.

Today, I’m going to use my precious, valuable leftover pumpkin puree to make a pumpkin spice smoothie while I finish this post and then more doughnuts. Then I’m going to do a yoga routine with blankets, clean the kitchen, facetime my parents, work on an art project, and watch more Survivor. A perfect Sunday! All of the hard work yesterday paid off.


I am absolutely obsessed with The Chateau Diaries on Youtube. I’ve mentioned it before on this blog, but I want to mention it again because they are doing a Christmas series! I’m always so excited for the end of every day so that I can cozy up on the couch in PJs with a blanket and cup of tea and watch.

I really appreciate this article about women who stopped “grooming” in 2020. I myself have let my eyebrows grow out and love it. Also, the fact that they mention chin hairs in the first paragraph…hell yes. Normalize this shit. “Less Frida Kahlo. More the bearded lady.”

30 Years of the Guerilla Girls’ Art and Advocacy. Still so much work to be done in the arts.

Thanks for reading! I’ll see you next week for another review of The Lobby.

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