Weekly Roundup

This week was great, though I did just want to stay inside under blankets.

I tried to make a point to enjoy my evenings more, instead of flopping on the couch after work every day. On Monday, we made whole wheat penne with gravy, meatballs, and red wine. We still laid on the couch and watched Survivor, but at least we had a good meal. We followed up with some more baked pumpkin spice doughnuts.

On the way home from work on Tuesday, I walked down one of the streets that is well-known for their holiday lights. I was glad to see they still put up the lights this year — it made me so happy. I also bought a huge bouquet of flowers to brighten up the apartment.

On Wednesday, we had our first snow of the year! I always try to have a cup of hot chocolate wherever I am when it happens. This year I was — surprise, surprise — at home, so I made a huge cup with whipped cream, a candy cane, and sprinkles. We watched more Survivor that night and, once we finished a season, I curled up with a blanket and a book.

The rest of the work week flew by. Thursday went by quickly because our usual morning staff meeting was pushed to the afternoon. We spent that night going through my old photo DVDs from high school so we can get a properly-sized hard drive for them. It was so amazing to go through photos of our dog Sandy. Unfortunately, about 50% of the images were corrupted. Maybe we can get them back, or maybe they’re just lost. There’s a whole period of time after old-fashioned photo albums but before I understood hard drives and cloud storage where my photos are in limbo.

I woke up on Saturday to a cloudy day and felt SO lazy. Usually I’m really great about doing at least 4-5 things on my to-do list on lazy days, but there was just something about yesterday. I laid in bed until noon reading, and spent the rest of the day playing Sims. The game deleted everything I’ve ever done in an update, but I was actually ready to start fresh anyway.

Today we’re waiting for our grocery delivery, then I’m meal prepping (aka boiling four eggs), cleaning, and then taking a walk. I also want to do yoga at some point. And I wanted to take an audit of the storage we have under our bed but…maybe next weekend.

Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup

  1. The full pit was originally a foster. We were waiting on him to get adopted. The first potential I said no because the house and land was trashy and I felt like he wouldn’t be safe. The 2nd app I was like I want to keep him!! He loves my husband to death so we each have a dog! And thank you for the birthday wish!!! Happy Holidays!!!!

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