The Lobby Review #2

I’m newly obsessed with The Lobby — please read my first review here if you haven’t already! They’re an online shopping service that allows you to ship items and try them on before buying, and they also allow you to see the items on real people before deciding if you want to add them to your cart. AKA it’s a dream come true.

Last month, they had a massive Black Friday sale and I couldn’t resist getting another haul. The prices were so good.

I kept everything! Whoops!

Able | Mini Tirhas Backpack ($79) — The quality of leather on this backpack amazes me. It’s the type of more rustic leather you’d get at Fossil or Madewell. This was on sale for $79, and normally retails for $158, but I feel like something of this quality would easily sell for over $200 elsewhere. It’s actually pretty funny because I was looking to replace my 10 year-old black leather backpack from Bass, and I saw this brown leather one online. I knew it wasn’t the perfect color for my wardrobe, but I still do love brown leather. After buying it, customer service told me their stock was in black and asked if I still wanted it. It worked out perfectly!

Amour Vert | Willa Silk Blouse ($82.80) — I’m still on the lookout for short-sleeve shirts, since my closet is extremely lacking in the spring-summer arena. This is a lovely cropped silky blouse, and the covered buttons and flow-y sleeves add a little extra flair. I think this would look amazing with a simple black skirt, tights, and flats, or it could be dressed down with boyfriend jeans and boots. I also love that it’s cropped, because cropped on me is normal length.

Madewell | Light Cotton Courier Shirt ($39) — Speaking of looking for short-sleeve shirts…this is a perfect white button down. I get so much use out of my long-sleeve button down that I figured a warm-weather-friendly version would be worth it. And this was such a steal! The construction is sturdy and I see myself getting a ton of use out of this. I love that you can tuck it for a more classic look, or leave it undone as a tunic.

Almina Concept | High Waisted Pant ($98) — These pants are pure silk and so comfortable. They feel like pajamas, so these were 100% a COVID purchase. I’ve been wearing them to work, on walks, and out on errands. They’re perfect for everything. I’ll also definitely wear them for our New Year’s Eve night at home, because they add a nice shine but are still so effortless.

Zara | Leather Laced Heeled Ankle Boots ($62.93) — And finally, my wild card item. These boots are absolutely gorgeous, I can’t even describe it. They have this really amazing witch-y vibe, but feel very modern in white. They also have a low key ice skating vibe because of the front seam which — I’m not going to lie — I love. They’re just so beautiful and so comfortable!

Remember when I said I would only do this seasonally and then proceeded to get two boxes in two months? I just really love The Lobby that much. But for now, I’m going to wait until the spring to shop again (or at least that’s what I should do).

Thanks for reading!

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