Weekly Roundup

What a bleak start to the year. Can you imagine if we all went back to 2015 and told ourselves that we’d be facing a morphing pandemic and the Capitol would’ve been under siege at the start of 2021? I think about this a lot.

Things have been fine for me personally. Last weekend, we took a drive and it was the first time I left our 650 sq. ft. apartment since before Christmas. Not going to lie: I couldn’t handle the sun in my face at all like a straight up vampire. It made me feel physically ill. My boyfriend was like, “the sun through the trees feels like a strobe light.” You think this pandemic might be fucking people up a little? We’re like AGHHHH ThE sUn!!?!

Bad photo, but you can see how much the skyline is a-changing

Monday was my first day back in the office. I’m working remotely four days a week, but going in on Mondays. I much prefer working from home but it was good to really stretch my legs walking to and from work. It’s nerve-wracking to be out and about right now, though. The amount of cases we have now dwarfs what was happening in the spring.

The curve is flattening, we can start lifting restrictions now = The parachute has slowed our rate of descent, we can take it off now.

Besides work, we’ve been doing more cooking. Our kitchen is tiny so it’s difficult to cook full meals (especially with two people), but we’ve been making frozen potstickers with side salads, whole wheat penne with vegetables…that sort of thing. We’ve also been binging The Sopranos and Pretty Little Liars. And I’ve been playing the Sims and watching a lot of Youtube videos. I never used to like Youtube, but the pandemic has really changed that.

Thanks for reading! I hope you all had as relaxing a week as possible.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup

      1. I’m somewhere in season two — just finished the Halloween episode, which is my favorite. This is a re-watch so I know how it ends (it was the stupidest thing ever hahahaha) and I love the earliest seasons most!

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