Good Jane – CBD Capsule Review

Good morning! Today I’d like to share a product that has been extremely helpful to me. I really enjoy sharing products that get the job done, and I’m adding this one to my list!

Some personal back story time: I have mild to moderate general anxiety. I also have emetophobia, which is an extreme, irrational fear of vomit & vomiting. I have panic attacks whenever I feel nauseous or eat too much. I can write an entire post about it, but I’ll skip over that for today. Long story short: I’m willing to try anything if it will help lessen the load of my anxiety and panic attacks.

So that’s how I landed on Good Jane. CBD was something that I had limited experience with, but I was aware that it had benefits. When I found their website, I saw that you could shop by concern so I smashed the “for stress” button and immediately landed on the Hello Mellow Capsules. After reading every single thing on their website and doing research on CBD safety and quality, I purchased them. I went into this with a healthy dose of skepticism and wondered if it would just be a placebo effect at most, but thought that it wouldn’t hurt to try.

Some quick facts about the Hello Mellow Capsules and Good Jane before I jump into the review: There are 30 capsules per bottle, and each capsule contains 15MG of broad spectrum hemp, including all of the cannabinoids of hemp except for THC. Each capsule also contains 385MG of their herb blend of skullcap, holy basil, and lemon balm, which all help decrease stress and anxiety. Each bottle costs $49.99 or $44.99/month with a subscription. You can take up to three capsules a day, or just one every morning, or just one every time you feel stressed/anxious. And lastly, Good Jane is a small, woman-owned and -led business based in Maine that focuses on in-house and third party testing, sustainability, and transparency. We love to see it. I would encourage you to poke around their website — they have so many interesting reading materials about their ingredients and process.

Now, after a week of taking one capsule per morning (and once during a panic attack), I want to talk about my experience. My overarching summary is that they didn’t erase my problems, but they dulled them and improved my life for the better.

After taking the first capsule, the first thing I noticed was that my default mood improved significantly. I’m a sentimental, sappy, creative type who experiences a lot of emotions and, while that’s very nice when I’m happy, it’s horrendous when I’m sad, angry, or scared. Now I notice that I’m smiling and singing more often because my default mood is just contented. I can more easily laugh things off that would normally send me into a fit of rage. I still experience bad moods, but it’s also a little easier to step back, acknowledge them, and let them pass rather than having them feel like my entire being for the day.

In terms of my general anxiety, I feel a lot better. I’m not feeling an invisible, unreasonable adrenaline rush pushing me forward as much anymore. It’s a lot easier for me to focus. This is a little bit hard to describe since it’s so subjective, but it was like the 24/7 Flight of the Bumblebee playing in my head just…stopped. On the other hand, the capsules only put a dent in my panic attacks. I still had many panic attacks this week. My less-intense attacks did feel shorter, but my super-intense ones were just as bad. I had one really bad panic attack this week where I kept alternating between starting to feel better, and feeling like I was going to die. In one of the “feeling better” portions, I managed to shove a capsule down my throat and the panic died down. I’m not sure if that was the capsule working, or if it was the tail end of the panic attack (it had been about an hour at that point). Hard to say! But my panic attacks are monstrous — I wasn’t expecting these to stop them entirely.

Coincidentally, the week I tried the capsules was the start of my period. I noticed a marked improvement in my PMS symptoms, but the period itself was just as horrendous as usual. The only PMS symptom I had was feeling like my boobs were going to fall off my chest. Otherwise, I had none of my usual mood swings, micro cramps, or heightened sense of taste and smell. Which was wonderful! However, like I said, the period itself was the same: I still had a massive cramp, weird digestion, nausea, dizziness, back pain, exhaustion, loss of appetite, and headaches. If you have terrible PMS, it might be worth trying these. I think they also have targeted period products as well!

After a week of taking these, I’m impressed by the results! Feeling happier, less generally anxious, and not having as many PMS symptoms is absolutely wondrous. While they didn’t erase my issues, I wasn’t expecting them to and they improved my life for the better. I would 100% recommend trying these out, but make sure to talk to your doctor first!

And that’s it! This review is personal, subjective, and honest. Moving forward, I think that I’m going to experiment with taking them at different times of the day (I tend to experience most of my anxiety at night), and also taking them only when I feel anxious instead of daily. It would be nice to find a pattern that works well for me. I’m also curious to see if the effects will get stronger over time, or will lessen. I’ll let you know what happens…and if I find anything that helps with panic attacks 🙂

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Good Jane – CBD Capsule Review

  1. i’ve been looking for cbd capsules a while back, and i decided not to get them because they didn’t ship to my country, and plus it was quite expensive, but this sounds like a great option i could try checking out. thanks !

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