Weekly Roundup

Good morning! Today I’m going to try a different layout for my weekly roundup. I really enjoy when bloggers put together links and reading materials so that you can have a cup of tea while reading through their posts. I especially like the blogger behind Half Baked Harvest and her Nine Favorite Things posts, so I’m going to include a mix of lifestyle, shopping, and links and see how that performs!

This week was a busy one — I was mostly focused on work and spent my weeknight evenings vegged out in front of the TV watching Pretty Little Liars, The Sopranos, Bridgerton, a cute documentary about dog breeds, and Game of Thrones.

We’ve been avoiding leaving the apartment because of COVID. My photo of bagels is an old one! This weekend, we spent Saturday morning cleaning and then I spent the entire rest of the day playing Sims. The Sims has been an absolute godsend during the pandemic because it’s the perfect way to escape real life for 3-4 hours without leaving your house. We’ve downloaded the new paranormal pack and I’m excited to try it out.

So far, this day has been lazy. We made breakfast and then laid in bed listening to the podcast Two Girls One Ghost. I’ve talked about this podcast a lot here, but you should check it out if you haven’t already! It’s perfect if you love ghost stories and history.


Pomander Place | White Zoe Maxi Tee Dress 2. Print Fresh | Unicorn Garden Short Sleep Set 3. L*Space | Pacifica Tunic 4. Tuckernuck | Laguna Callan Drop Earrings 5. Thetiny Tassel | Fresh Out of Fucks Award Ribbon 6. Tuckernuck | Gold Mini Hoop Earrings 7. Ancient Greek Sandals | Agatha Sandals 8. Tkees | Nude Serena Sandals 9. Soludos | Tall Espadrille Wedges


Five Unconventional Goal Setting Methods from my favorite productivity tool, Todoist.

Seeking the Truth Behind Books Bound in Human Skin. I love this blog because I can go from “cute earrings!” to “books bound in human skin!” and no one will stop me.

17 Women in Wellness Show You the Inside of Their Fridge. Oddly fascinating.

The Beauty of the Heavens, An Illustrated Home School Lesson in Astronomy, 1842.

I’m obsessed with this “cottage” in Maine.

I’ve been rotating between these two healthy-ish donut recipes: Double Chocolate (I use eight times the suggested amount of chocolate chips) and Hanukkah Jelly Donuts. They’re super easy.

Thanks for reading!

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