Weekly Roundup

Good morning! I’m writing this from my new phone and I’m very excited. Previously, I had the same iPhone 6 since 2014 and it was really on its last leg — apps would stop working toward the end of the day, and the WordPress app would take several minutes to load any post or blog. I could never imagine writing a post from that phone. Within the next couple of weeks, I’ll start having higher quality photos, which makes me so happy!

This week was incredibly long. I’ve hit a wall with COVID where I’m just absolutely sick of it, and I know a lot of people are feeling the same way. We also got hit with a two-day snow storm on Monday that had everyone stuck inside. So the work week dragged on, but we decided to finally get out of the apartment on Saturday. We took a long walk to donate a ton of clothes to our favorite local thrift store, then meandered our way through Central Park for a couple of hours. We sat on a bench and dog-watched. We’re going to try to get a dog within the year, so we’ve started to consider breeds. If you have any suggestions for a toy-size dog that is cuddly, requires moderate exercise, and is calm and intelligent, please let me know! Yesterday, we were obsessing over the American Eski, which seems to check all of those boxes. After the park, we went to the UES Apple store, which is in a gorgeous building that used to be a bank. We picked up my phone, and then headed home. I spent the rest of the day tinkering with it and setting up all the widgets.

Today, I’m going to chop up some veggies for the week, write my Stitch Fix post for next week, do my weekly routine, maybe get in some yoga, and just relax overall. It’s snowing again and I’m not happy about it because snow in NYC = slush puddles and dirty snow banks.


I have spring fever.

English Factory Floral Mini Dress 2. Lost + Wander Let’s Go to Paris Cami Top 3. Amanda Uprichard Sleeveless Saffron Dress 4. Rahi Natalia Dress 5. Playa Lucila Floral Dress 6. Maison Iram Snake Earring 7. Staud Mini Demi Dress 8. Birds of Paradise Meghan Henley Dress 9. Roller Rabbit Disco Monkey Pajamas 10. Spell Rae Playdress


This is so dumb and I love it.

Pertinent: 11 Ways to deal once you’ve hit your pandemic wall.

I really enjoyed this article about Michael Imperioli, who played Christopher Moltisanti in The Sopranos, and his spiritual journey with Buddhism.

Obsessed with surrealist Leonora Carrington’s (1917-2011) tarot card art.

Photos of dogs during the snowstorm <3.

Thanks for reading!

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