Athleisure + Loungewear Stitch Fix Review | February 2021

Hello and good afternoon! I’m changing up my post schedule a bit and going from Saturday + Sunday to Wednesday + Sunday. I thought it would be better to space out posts throughout the week, rather than dump them all into the weekend. I’m also thinking about starting a Saturday Shopping post, which would be a lot of fun, but we shall see.

I haven’t gotten a Stitch Fix box since December, but recently I’ve been going through athleisure/lougewear more often and decided to order a box for yoga pants and cozy tops. Even though I’m not particularly crazy about Stitch Fix right now (it’s pretty rare to get items that are both my style and fit), I’ve had better luck with their athleisure/loungewear styling in the past — I even found my favorite type of yoga pants through them (the All Fenix Core 7/8 Leggings, which I would wear every day if I could).

Also, Stitch Fix is a steal compared to other styling services, being $49 with Style Pass for a year of unlimited boxes. And they have unworldly customer service — the best I’ve ever encountered in my lifetime, hands down. For this box, my return label was ripped and I asked them to email me another. They did, and also gave me a $25 credit for my troubles and I wasn’t even mean about it! It’s like…damn girl, I didn’t even ask but thank you!

For this box, I asked for athleisure/loungewear in a neutral palette with some pops of color. Here’s what I got:

FP Movement Good To Go Pullover ($78) — I’m on the lookout for a lightweight, soft, cozy, flattering sweater or sweatshirt, so I was excited to receive this. There were some pros and cons to this top: the pros were that it’s cozy but not so thick that it suffocates me, the gray color, the fabric was unbelievably soft, and it had a flattering cinch in the back. The cons were the price and sleeves. The sleeves were comically long, and not in a cozy way — there was just too much fabric and it really got in the way. I hope I’m alive for the day when clothes designers actually make short-person-length sleeves. Also, $78 is too expensive for a sweatshirt that doesn’t fit my arms. Returned.

New Balance Footwear Fresh Foam Cross TR Sneaker ($119) — These sneakers were extremely comfortable, like walking on clouds. But I just didn’t like the style. I’d much prefer a black sneaker. I checked online to see if they were available in black, but New Balance only had a charcoal/blue combination. Also, they had these large loopy things on the back and I was just getting a vision of someone on the subway grabbing one and me falling and cracking my skull open on the steps. Gotta think about these things! Returned.

Threads 4 Thought Dacia Circle Back Top ($48) — From the front, this is 100% the type of workout shirt I’d wear: black, lightweight, and simple. But it had three circle cut-outs in the back that confused me — are they supposed to be for air circulation? Design? Style? To show off your cool sports bra? I’m not sure, but I usually wear large-banded sports bras…so the top two circles would be all sports bra, leaving an awkward mid-back circle with skin. It just didn’t really make sense to me. Fine otherwise, though! Returned.

FP Movement Square Neck Good Karma Bra ($48) — I was most excited to receive this item, because I always need sports bras and I was excited to try a square neckline. But when I tried it on, I laughed forever because the straps were so long that the bra part didn’t fully cover my boobs. It was completely inappropriate. I would definitely be arrested if I wore this out in public to the gym. I wouldn’t recommend this for petite people, but it seemed like a nice sports bra otherwise if you have more normal-length shoulders. Returned.

Richer Poorer Lulu Lounge Tank ($48) — Ever since I sent this back, I’ve been seeing it on almost every retailer’s website! It’s a solid tank top with some ruching, and in a green-ish mustard color that I actually like (it reminds me of my blog highlight color — I wonder if my stylists read this blog? That would be impressive). It was fine, but I wasn’t crazy about it. Something interesting, and possibly a little sneaky, is that other retailers (and Richer Poorer itself) list this as a “sleep tank” so I’m thinking SF is marketing it as a “lounge tank” to open up the market from sleepwear to overall loungewear. Returned!

And that’s that! I have another box queued up, and should have that review up in March — looking forward to that. Thank you very much for reading!

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