Weekly Roundup

Good morning! I don’t have much to report in this roundup, since it was another quiet COVID week spent mostly inside. I did take a nice walk through the park this week, hence the photos. It was actually a bit spring-y for a couple of days!

One highlight from this week was finishing up a 14-day yoga challenge. I usually try to do yoga once a week only, so it was nice to do it almost every day for two weeks. I’m definitely feeling a little bendier than I was before, and I worked on perfecting my movements. My body definitely needed it after sitting for long periods of time.

Another highlight was tuning in to a talk with Marcel Dzama on his show at the SCAD Museum of Art in Savannah, An End to the End Times. He’s one of my favorite living artists, and I loved visiting the SCAD museum years ago. I actually ran into him in Chelsea about six years ago after seeing his film Une Danse des Bouffons — had a little fan moment with my classmates and he was really sweet and humble. It was so great to see parts of his show in Savannah.

Speaking of art, my best friend and I worked on a little project together that was a lot of fun, and another highlight of my week. Hi if you’re reading this!

I also spoke with my sister and her husband yesterday, which was so unbelievably nice. They’re doing really well, which makes me so happy.

My boyfriend and I also went upstate for half a day, and it was absolutely glorious. We hopped in the car on a sunny day and it was seriously so gorgeous and nice. We needed a change in scenery…desperately.

I wrote about this recipe in another post, but I’m completely obsessed with these Hanukkah Jelly Donuts. I probably make them every few weeks.

Besides all of this, I’ve been working on a lot of what I call “life maintenance” and we’ve been on a serious Veronica Mars binge. That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading!

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