Weekly Roundup

Good morning. This week was a busy one — I have a big announcement to make but will wait until the right time to write about it here (no, I am neither engaged, nor pregnant, nor starting my own business venture. It’s still very exciting, though). So this week was filled with preparations for that.

We did take a drive out to Brooklyn to get out of the apartment, which was nice. It was sunny, and that lifted my spirits after a few rainy days spent indoors.

Yesterday I spent the day working on that big project, and today I’m annoyed because I woke up to a $2,000 medical bill that was only half-ish-covered by insurance for some reason, for a 30-minute appointment. I literally woke up this morning to my phone chiming with that statement from my doctor’s app. Just your typical lazy Sunday morning in the United States of America!

I need to wait for my insurance statement and probably spend hours on hold — I do not have time for this right now and am seriously annoyed.

Signing off for the day! I’m trying to maintain this blog throughout my “big project” for as long as possible, but will probably have to take a break at some point. In the meantime, thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup

  1. I don’t want you to leave this blog for a while lol but I understand! That medical bill is outrageous!!! I hope insurance can offer more assistance. I did update my blog yesterday with my 2 stitch fixes! I keep thinking yall will move in a bigger apartment or even house one day! I can’t wait to hear the announcement!!!

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