Saturday Shopping

H&M | Eyelet Embroidery Dress in Light Blue 2. H&M | Mint Cardigan in Mint Green 3. Loeffler Randall | Mackenzie Crossbody Bag 4. Picnic | Seed Bead Lemon Earrings 5. H&M | Fitted Jersey Skirt in Apricot 6. Kate Spade | Floral Boxer Short Pajamas in White Flora 7. Tory Burch | Walker Canvas Triple-Compartment Satchel Bag 8. H&M | Cream Lipstick in Heart to Heart

I’m so happy that we’re finally in Florida! Once we’re more settled into the house, and the rest of our clothes arrive, we’ll probably do some shopping for more appropriate clothing. Definitely need to cut back on turtlenecks and I’ll probably need more than one bathing suit. I’ll keep you posted when that happens but, for now, these are some items I’m eyeing. Thanks for reading!

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