Weekly Roundup

Good morning! I hope you’re all having a lovely holiday weekend.

I’m not doing much to celebrate, because we’re still not fully settled into our house. Our moving truck won’t arrive until Tuesday or Wednesday, so we’re still living with the bare minimum this weekend. Next year, once I have all of our cooking supplies, I’d love to make my grandma’s recipe for Easter Bread!

This week was a whirlwind of house projects. We had the pool orientation, a closet consultation, ordered floors, had the builders do some touch-ups, had someone measure our windows for treatments, and finally received our garbage and recycling bins. I’ll keep you posted as the house finishings progress, but right now we’re at the early stages and have to wait for parts to come in and quotes to come through. The floors are the most urgent, since right now it still feels a bit like a construction site. Those should be done toward the end of the month.

Outside of house projects, it’s been extremely nice to be more active down here and have space to breathe. I went running for the first time since October. We also went out to buy some lacrosse balls, and passed around in the yard on Friday. I can’t wait until my field hockey sticks get here and I can practice pulls again! Also, the weather has been gorgeous. What they consider a “rainy day” here would be considered “partly sunny” in New York.

Besides all of that, we explored the area more. It’s been a lovely week, and I’m really looking forward to our moving truck arriving.

Thanks for reading!

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